Self Employed & No Financials, No Worries!!

January 21, 2017


Are you self employed and looking to purchase a motor vehicle or business equipment but still to get your financials in order? 


Many lenders now offer motor vehicle and equipment loans that do not require you to provide your financials and or tax returns.  


These loans are financed at competitive rates with no disadvantage for you not having your income details available.


There are some restrictions in place from lenders to take note of:


- Some lenders require ABN registration for a minimum of 12 months while others     require a minimum of 24 months. 


- GST registration is generally required for the same minimum period as ABN registration.


- Lenders prefer applicants to be asset backed if they are not showing financials. This is generally from property ownership. It is okay if you have a mortgage on the property.


- If home ownership is not demonstrated a deposit is generally required. 


- Credit history needs to be satisfactory with no adverse listings. 


- Approval is always subject to lender policy being satisfied. 


Do you need more info?


Contact us and we can provide more details.


We have access to leading motor vehicle financiers and market leading interest rates.


We offer after hours and weekend appointments so your work day is not disrupted. Just contact us and we can make a time suitable for you.  




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